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MagicEye camaras
Artificial Intelligence with Machine Vision

What is MagicEYE?

It consists of a proprietary development of hardware and software for artificial intelligence using machine vision that connects to existing surveillance cameras.

In airports, it allows real-time analysis of passenger and staff behavior, optimizing waiting times and processes across all services.

We help make informed decisions to offer a better quality experience to passengers.

This solution enables airports to accurately plan operations, provide situational awareness, and make intelligent real-time decisions to balance performance, customer experience, and efficiency.

Technology for passenger flow

How does the
platform with AI work?

The platform tracks passenger touchpoints through smart cameras, and passenger flow is regularly monitored to detect unexpected cases. Airport users can access the responsive architecture of the Magiceye passenger flow management platform anywhere and anytime on their devices.

Passenger number

Counts the number of active passengers.

Queue length

Detects passenger waiting lines

Wait times

Passenger predictions

Time and volume

Processing time and volume

Counter assignment

Detects assigned counters

Better ground control
of aircraft

The analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities of MagicEye allow for optimizing airport control.

Real-time information for control rooms and operations.

From arrival to departure, the AI tracks activities around the aircraft and creates an event log along with timestamps.

A high-definition video search database is created as events are logged.


Manage passenger flow
at airports with precision.

From the moment the passenger enters the airport until they board the plane, Magiceye is there to make your operation much easier.

With our state-of-the-art technology, we accurately count each passenger and monitor queues in real-time.

Our solutions support terminal operations, resulting in a smoother and more pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Technology designed to enhance your results.

Platform Features


Count and identify age and gender of visitors.


Real-time information for strategies and decision-making with intelligent dashboards.


Detects loyal customers for targeted recommendations


Defines consumption patterns, waiting times for strategic planning

Heat Maps

Identifies areas of high traffic and most observed products.


Detects customer emotions at key moments: entrance-stay-exit.

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