Maximize your revenue and automate the sales data collection for your concessions.

Maximize non-aeronautical revenues at airports.

What is MagicBOX?

Hardware that connects directly to the POS solution.

Integrates with any Commerce POS solution.

Operates under a communication protocol that allows autonomous transmission of all transactions generated by the POS.

Autonomous network connection (not dependent on the venue's WiFi).

No server and additional application management required. *Leased by the concessionaire.

MagicBox cloud option.

Technology that improves your results.

Maximize your revenue.

Commercial teams want to be able to assist their airports in growing. They need initial insights when planning their property portfolio, automated collection and analysis of sales data, and increased control over contract management and billing processes.



Optimized operations, coupled with audited sales and revenue, enhance the ability to make more calculated business decisions.



Powerful performance reports and analyses by combining current sales and flight data with business and guest analytics.



Eliminate manual processes for data collection, billing calculations, and lease management.


Cost reduction

Reduce the need for effort and the associated cost of auditing

AI for efficiency.

Enhance performance

DDB7's analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities enable airports to better understand sales and revenue patterns, driving their performance.

Gain a more accurate insight into non-aviation-related revenue sources.

Improve productivity and efficiency through increased automation.

Make informed strategic decisions and influence sales.

Increase flexibility, agility, and performance.

Technology designed to improve your results

General benefits for

Minimal system impact.

Concessions can continue using their current POS systems seamlessly.

Data capture.

Ticket number, date, time, product code, description, quantity, price, discount, and other relevant data.

Control and audit.

Control and audit are enhanced thanks to the improved sales data.

Smooth operation.

No elements of your operational process need to be modified, ensuring continuity.

The data is obtained.

The data is obtained at the detailed transaction level, providing a comprehensive analysis.

Access to a mobile app.

View transactions, sales by item and comparisons with sector or item indicators.

Minimal investment.

No hardware or infrastructure changes required, nor the creation of an interface.

Precise data collection.

Precise sales data collection for profit calculation and billing. Discover the power of data.

In real time

Evaluation of the impact on sales and promotional actions generated by the Mall or Commerce.

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