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Collection of sales data from dealers


Business intelligence and behavioral analysis


Revenue and billing automation



Boost and Maximize Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenue

Our Software

Enables airports to optimize non-aviation sales and improve revenue management.


We automate the collection of dealer sales data, manage billing and revenue sharing, and use this information to extract and analyze sales patterns through a BI (“Business Intelligence”) platform.

What We Offer

Data collection methods

Shared Revenue Management

For airports managing concessions based on revenue sharing, it is vitally important to collect concession sales data. This allows them to control and audit sales, calculate revenue from sales, perform billing, and enable performance analysis.

Flexible Methods

We automate the collection of dealer sales data, offering several methods to adapt to the particularities of each dealer.

Detect, verify and act on critical events.

Video analysis and artificial intelligence

DDB7 Video Security and Analytics design technology from the future. MagicEye offers a single ecosystem of mission-critical voice, video, software and services with enhanced security.

Our AI-powered video analytics solutions will help you detect, verify, and act on critical events.


The sales and management system that your business needs

MagicBox is a computer equipment that connects directly to your Point of Sale solution. Everything is under a communication protocol that autonomously allows the sending of all the transactions generated by the Point of Sale.

It gives you operating autonomy in case of internet disconnection, at the same time, it frees you from the need to manage servers and applications. The equipment is leased by the dealer and each business is responsible for its proper functioning.

Improve the commercial relationship with the trade


Customer experience improvement


Decrease in operating costs